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Santorini isn’t known for its seashores. They are acceptable however not extraordinary-so don’t expect those charming stretches of sand you’ve found in pictures of Greece. (All things considered, numerous individuals love the seashores of Santorini and locate their exceptional sand and normal setting to be more critical than “simply one more sandy seashore”.) Most of Santorini’s seashores are made out of dull volcanic sand that gets searingly sweltering in the early afternoon sun. Seashore shoes or water shoes are prescribed for getting around on the sand.

Yet, what the seashores need commonplace sandy magnificence they compensate for with amazing perspectives and view. The bluffs that loom around a portion of the seashores and the idea of the sand itself make a strange setting for swimming and sunning. Maybe it’s simply in my mind yet I discover the ocean water around Santorini the clearest and invigorating I’ve at any point swam in. It’s extremely superb.

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