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Anegada, one of the British Virgin Islands and the northernmost of the Lesser Antilles, a chain isolating the Atlantic Ocean and the Caribbean Sea. It lies around 80 miles (130 km) east-upper east of Puerto Rico. Yearly precipitation midpoints a moderate 50 inches (1,275 mm). In contrast to the next Virgin Islands, Anegada (Spanish: “Suffocated Island”) is genuinely level, made of coral and limestone with almost no subsoil and no water. The principal town is The Settlement, situated on the southern coast. There are risky reefs, and Anegada’s waters contain some still-unexplored wrecks. The island’s different natural life incorporates the jeopardized Anegada rock iguana. A winged animal haven is home to herons, terns, ospreys, and flamingos, the last of which were reintroduced to the island in the mid-1990s. The travel industry is a critical piece of the economy, and angling stays significant. Territory 15 square miles (39 square km). Pop. (2001) 250; (2010) 285.

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