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Santorini is the supermodel of the Greek islands, a head-turner whose face is in a split second conspicuous around the globe: diverse precipices take off out of an ocean suffocated caldera, bested by floats of whitewashed structures. With its notoriety for amazing scenes, sentimental dusks, and volcanic-sand seashores, it’s not really astounding the island includes on such a significant number of voyagers’ can records. There’s no precluding the uniqueness from securing this goal or its tremendous appeal – Santorini has 2 million voyagers every year. Here’s all you have to know whether you’re intending to join that swarm.


Santorini is a Greek island, located in the Aegean Sea, 200 kilometers southeast of Athens, 150 km south of Mykonos, and one hundred forty km north of Crete. Santorini has a populace of 15,500 and a land territory of 76 square miles (somewhat greater than Manhattan). The length of the island is 16 km and its width changes from 1 to 5 km. It takes around 45 minutes to drive from one finish of Santorini to the next (for example Oia to Akrotiri). Trips to Santorini take four hours from London, 3.5 hours from Paris, two hours from Rome, and one hour from Athens. There are no non-stop trips to Santorini from the USA, Canada, or Australia.


How to Go Santorini:

When you stay at Santorini Airport then you go to Santorini to use a taxi, Rental Car, Bus & Hotel pickup.

By Taxi:

The simplest and speediest approach to get into Fira and to the remainder of the island is by taxi (except if there is a long line). There will consistently be taxis accessible at the air terminal however it can include a pause (particularly if 2 flights show up simultaneously). It costs around 20 euros to Fira and Kamari, and 30 to 35 euros to go to the remainder of the island. Taxi phone number: 22860-22555.

By Rental Car:

In case you’re intending to lease a vehicle in Santorini it’s ideal to get your vehicle at the Santorini air terminal on appearance and afterward spare yourself the expense of transportation to your lodging. In any case, in case you’re showing up around evening time, I wouldn’t prescribe managing finding your lodging (and stopping) in obscurity. Simply taxi to your lodging at that point get your rental vehicle the following day.

By Bus:

In high season (generally June to September) transports run each hour among Fira and the air terminal. The greater part of these transports is running the Fira to Monolithos course and make a stop at the air terminal in spite of the fact that there may be a couple of extra transports every day that does just the Fira to air terminal run. There are fewer transports toward the end of the week and furthermore less transports during the low season. It takes around 15 minutes to get from the air terminal to Fira by transport and expenses around 2 euros. Plan to have little change accessible with the goal that you don’t have to request change from a 50 euro note. In the event that you need to go anyplace else other than Fira or Monolithos, you’ll have to change transports in Fira (which is sufficiently simple, however tedious).

Ferry port to Santorini:

All ships show up at Athinios port. Getting from the port to any town is simple and shouldn’t bring on any nervousness. You can do positively no pre-organizing of pickup subtleties and you’ll get to your inn fine and dandy. (It’s progressively critical to pre-mastermind transportation to the port than from the port.)

By Taxi:

There will typically be taxis holding up as ships show up yet in the event that it’s late around evening time you should organize pick up ahead of time. It costs around 15 euros from the ship port to Fira, 25 euros from the ship port to Oia, and someplace in the middle of to go anyplace else on the island. A taxi ride from the port to Fira takes around 15 minutes. Cabs heading off to the port can be elusive. At the point when individuals miss the transport to the port (which leaves around 1 hour before each ship appearance) at that point the hurry to snatch a taxi starts. Taxi Phone: 22860-22555

By Bus:

There will consistently be a transport holding up as your ship shows up at the port regardless of what time of day or night. In case you’re remaining in a town other than Fira you’ll have to get to Fira first and afterward switch transports there. The cost structure of the port to Fira is around 2 euros. The transport from the port to Fira takes around 20 minutes and drops you at the bus stop in Fira. The transport, similar to all transports on Santorini, is cooled and has a lot of space for baggage. Transport leaves from Fira to the ship port around 1 hour before each ship takeoff and appearance (a calendar of transport takeoffs from Fira is posted 1 or 2 days prior and depends on the showing up ships).

By Rental Car:

In case you’re wanting to lease a vehicle in Santorini it’s ideal to get your vehicle at the Santorini air terminal on appearance and afterward spare yourself the expense of transportation to your lodging. In any case, in case you’re showing up around evening time, I wouldn’t prescribe managing finding your lodging (and stopping) in obscurity. Simply taxi to your lodging at that point get your rental vehicle the following day.

Best Time to Visit Santorini:

The best time to visit Santorini is between late April and early November when the climate is warm and there is a little downpour. For blistering climate, nightlife, swimming, and sunbathing visit in June, July, August, or September. For happy with touring and moderate temperatures, March to May or October to early December are ideal.

Santorini in Winter:

Winter travel on Santorini is getting increasingly mainstream consistently. In the event that you visit Santorini in December, January, or February you’ll likely discover moderate climate (contrasted with winter in Northern Europe) with some downpour, and skies shifting back and forth among shady and clear. Santorini winter climate is frequently ideal for strolling, shooting, touring, and investigating. Numerous individuals love visiting in the calmer months when you have an inclination that you have the caldera and dusk sees all to yourself. Do pack some hotter garments (jeans, sweater, and downpour coat) yet don’t be astonished in case you’re wearing shorts for a couple of your days here. In 2019 it’s normal that right around 150 inns will be open all year (there were just 20 or 30 open for the winter only 3 or 4 years prior). A lot of eateries are presently open in the principal towns of Fira and Oia and even a couple of bars (yet no clubs, they close in October or early November). Winter climate seems hotter and sunnier than it completed 10 years prior, yet at the same time, be set up for a touch of anything. (It does even snow in Santorini. About once every decade, there will be a little snow aggregation-as a rule in January or February.)

Best Time for Saving Money:

Lodgings are a lot less expensive in the low season (November to March) and shoulder season (April, May, and October) than in the mid-year months. Transportation, nourishment, and visit costs tend not to differ much via season. On the off chance that you need great climate yet modest inns, at that point, late May, early June, late September, or early October are extraordinary occasions. There are no assurances however the initial three weeks of October can frequently astonish guests with incredible climate.

Best Things to Do Santorini:

The greatest day trips in Santorini are the pontoon and wine visits. Each visit I’ve taken on Santorini has been incredible (or extremely great) – and I’ve never had an awful encounter. It’s not completely important to pre-book visits before showing up yet in case you’re on a short visit (under five days) it’s presumably a smart thought to hold your visit ahead of time. From June to September as well as can be expected to be completely reserved a long time ahead of time.

Jet Ski Tour to The Volcano:

A madly fun and remarkable method for seeing the caldera. There are various visits that go better places – all leave from Perivale’s in the south of the island. The most limited visit (“South Tour”) visits close by Red Beach and White Beach and keeps going around an hour and a half. The medium-length (“Volcano Tour”, 140 minutes) goes right into the caldera and stops for a dip in the underground aquifers by the fountain of liquid magma. The longest visit (“Extreme Volcano Tour”, 200 minutes) takes the fountain of liquid magma visit and includes Thirassia and Ammoudi Bay. The visits that go into the caldera are entirely extraordinary and the waves can be enormous. It’s a burdening movement however overly fun. My child has done the fountain of liquid magma visit when he was 14 and 15 years of age (that is him in the photograph) and thinks of it as one of the best time things we’ve at any point done. Staffs are agreeable, useful, and very wellbeing cognizant. There’s a speedboat with the visit the entire way so on the off chance that somebody needs a break they can change to the vessel and one of the staff will ride the fly ski. I love the vessel voyages through the caldera however this takes it to another level-the precipice is perfect there! A similar organization additionally does parasailing, tubing, and water skiing.

Santorini Photography Tour:

I can not express enough incredible things about this awesome visit. It’s controlled by a person from New Zealand named Olaf. The visit is for little gatherings of 1 to 4 and he tailors it dependent on the aptitude and interests of the gathering. Is it accurate to say that you are simply making sense of how to utilize your new camera? Olaf’s your man. Is it accurate to say that you are a genuine devotee hoping to locate the most ideal chances on Santorini? Olaf knows the spots. It’s somewhat costly yet this is an incredible method to see the island from various extraordinary spots. It’s additionally fine if only one in your gathering is keen on photography and the others just need to appreciate the perspectives. Truth is told, the spots Olaf takes you to make this an amazing visit even with zero enthusiasm for taking photographs. Energetically prescribed – however, book far ahead of time.

Open Air Cinema in Kamari:

Family-accommodating fun (contingent upon what’s playing, obviously). Watch a film outside as the sun sets and the sky develops dim. Wine, Brew, and basic snacks accessible. Films start around 9:30 pm. Sundays and the first and a day ago of any film run are the busiest days. I prescribe arriving when the entryways open at 8:30 to guarantee a seat. There’s a bus station straightforwardly over the road with transports back to Fira. In summer the last transport ought to be after the film is out however check the calendar no doubt.

Hike From Fira to Oia:

This is the absolute best activity on Santorini – and it’s free! The perspectives are mind-boggling. The climb takes somewhere close to 2 and 5 hours relying upon your speed and what number of pictures you bring the way. Start in Fira and move north through Firostefani and afterward Imerovigli (this piece of the way feels increasingly like a town walkway). From Imerovigli to Oia it’s to a great extent country with just a couple of shops or eateries on this stretch of the way. The vast majority will need to wear a tough running shoe for the walk yet I’ve surely observed individuals do it in flip failures. The course isn’t totally stamped yet it’s genuinely instinctive: remain on the way that follows the edge of the caldera and walk north (if all else fails to remain to one side/west). Obviously, it’s fine to do the stroll the other way yet it feels increasingly normal (to me) to walk north to Oia and the island’s tip. Furthermore, strolling into Oia from the slopes above is a marvelous completion. In the event that it’s July or August, I’d strongly prescribe beginning before 8 am.

Sunset, Caldera & Volcano Boat Tour:

You can do both the well of lava walk and the underground aquifers as a component of a pontoon visit. Make certain to get a visit that takes in the nightfall as well. There are likewise visit choices to visit Thirassia (a little populated island that structures some portion of the caldera ring with Santorini) and Red and Black seashore. The pontoons start from either Athinios port (where the ships show up), the Old Port beneath Fira (for this you can bring the link vehicle down), or Ammoudi Bay (underneath Oia), and most visits offer inn pickup to get you to the vessel. All the visit organizations are real so purchasing the visit that suits your necessities best the extent that planning, interests, and transportation.

Beaches in Santorini:

Santorini isn’t known for its seashores. They are acceptable however not extraordinary-so don’t expect those charming stretches of sand you’ve found in pictures of Greece. (All things considered, numerous individuals love the seashores of Santorini and locate their exceptional sand and normal setting to be more critical than “simply one more sandy seashore”.) Most of Santorini’s seashores are made out of dull volcanic sand that gets searingly sweltering in the early afternoon sun. Seashore shoes or water shoes are prescribed for getting around on the sand.

Yet, what the seashores need commonplace sandy magnificence they compensate for with amazing perspectives and view. The bluffs that loom around a portion of the seashores and the idea of the sand itself make a strange setting for swimming and sunning. Maybe it’s simply in my mind yet I discover the ocean water around Santorini the clearest and invigorating I’ve at any point swam in. It’s extremely superb.

Kamari Beach:

The most upscale and touristy of the seashore towns. The way along the seashore is a fun and loosening up a spot to walk around the night. Bunches of spots to eat and drink. Kamari has a fabulous time vibe and one of the most family-accommodating towns on Santorini. Near the air terminal (yet not all that nearby as to stress over commotion). It’s the nearest of any of the seashores (with inns) to Fira and the caldera. If I somehow managed to remain at a seashore town it would be Kamari.

Perivolos Beach:

Sooner or later, as you move south the name changes from Perissa to Perivolos (and afterward to Agios Georgios) yet the sand and the vibe are basically the equivalents. The thickness of lodgings and cafés decays and it’s conceivable to have significant lots of seashore to yourself.

Red Beach:

The pebbly sand here is red and the setting is shocking. There’s not a ton here other than the one of a kind landscape (however old Akrotiri is 5 minutes away and certainly worth a visit in its own right). Red Beach is a 20-minute drive south of Fira and the stroll down to the seashore can be steep for a few. Cautioning: There have been reports of some falling stone on the way down to the seashore so … Uhm, watch for falling stone as you stroll down to the seashore or simply take pictures from separation and skirt really strolling to the seashore.

Best Restaurants in Santorini:

  • Metaxi Mas- Exo Gonia
  • Cava Alta- Pygros
  • Argo- Fira
  • Ouzeri- Fira
  • Athenian House- Imerovigli
  • Avocado- Imerovigli
  • Candouni- Oia
  • Roka- Oia
  • Cacio e Pepe- Fira
  • Lucky’s Souvlaki- Fira
  • Yalos- Exo Gialos Beach
  • Naoussa- Fira
  • Anogi- Imerovigli
  • La Maison- Imerovigli
  • Elinikon- Oia
  • Karma- Oia
  • Ambrosia- Oia

Cheap Hotels in Santorini:

San Giorgio Hotel
Location: Fira
Phone: +3022860-23516

Petini’s Place
Location: Fira
Phone: +302286-022157

Kavalari Hotel
Location: Fira
Phone: +302286-022324

Anemomilos Suites
Location: Fira
Phone: +302286-025632

Thea Studios
Location: Fira
Phone: +302286-025357

Villa Agnadi
Location: Oia
Phone: +3022860-71647

Aspa Villas
Location: Oia
Phone: +302286-071381

Anemomilos Hotel Apartments
Location: Oia
Phone: +302286-041309

Dome Santorini Resort and Villas
Location: Imerovigli
Phone: +30 2286 028859

Hotel Sofia
Location: Firostefani
Phone: +30 22860-22802

Villa Ilias
Location: Firostefani
Phone: +30 2286 022519


Of course, there are sees that leave you speechless and extraordinary looks into how A-listers travel. However, away from Santorini travel features, there’s bounty to investigate, from a flawless outside film to a cool microbrewery, wine natural hollows enhanced with works of art, and cooking showings and classes which observe Santorini’s developing foodie culture.

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