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Cox’s Bazar Bangladesh | Travel Attraction, Hotel, Location, Map etc.

Cox’s Bazar is famous for its natural beauty. It is the longest uninterrupted natural sandy beach in the world, consisting of 120 km from Cox’s Bazar to Badarmokam. It is unique because of its unique nature, including its extraordinary nature of the sea-mountains, the rich socio-cultural heritage, the communal coexistence of people of different faiths, the environment and the diversity of biodiversity. It is the largest marine fishery port and submarine cable landing station in Bangladesh. It is said that Cox’s Bazar is famous for its healthy location and natural beauty. Traveling along the Marine Drive will make any video game easier. From Cox’s Bazar to Teknaf, the sea and the mountains are broken by a long 80km road. The world’s longest marine drive made by the world’s longest beach. This is the largest refugee camp in the world; Puppet And this Rohingya crisis is the biggest humanitarian crisis in the world at the moment. For many reasons, the vision of the world has been registered in Cox’s Bazar. The coral islands are the main five islands including St. Martin’s. And there are various arrangements for the sea-hills. Particularly adventurers like surfing, parasailing, scuba diving are all different. But such events are still very limited in Cox’s Bazar. There is also disappointment among tourists. Millions of devout people gather at the Ijtema of Muslims on this beach, the world’s longest. The idols of the Hindus are also immersed in the beach called Bhira. On the banks of the Buddhists, in the ark-ship, in Banakkhali. Not just religious festivals; Festival of flying kicks on the beach to take people back to their childhood. Also in Cox’s  Bazar during the holidays. Extending up to. It is the largest tourist destination in Bangladesh.

Location of Cox’s Bazar:

Cox’s Bazar is a tourist town located in the southeast of Bangladesh. It is located in Cox Bazar district of the Chittagong Division. This sea beach is located 12 km south of Chittagong city. Its distance from Dhaka is 5 km. Cox’s Bazar can be accessed by road and bus from Dhaka, the capital of the country.


History of Cox’s Bazar:

The modern Cox’s Bazar is named after La Cox (died 1798) who was a military officer in India during the British period. At one time, It was also known as Panoa, which literally means yellow flowers. Another ancient name is Palanki. From the beginning of the ninth century until the Mughal occupation in 1616, a large part of Chittagong including Cox’s Bazar comprised the Arakan kingdom. Mughal emperor Shah Shuja was enamored with the natural beauty of this sea beach on his way to Arakan on the hill road and ordered to set up camp here. Dulhazara means a thousand couches. After the Mughals, Tripura and Arakan followed the Portuguese and the British took control of the area.

Cox’s name comes from the name of Captain Hiram Cox, an officer of the British East India Company. Cox’s Bazar’s previous name was Palanki. Warrant Hosting was appointed as the Governor of Bengal after the British East India Company Ordinance, 1773 was issued. Then Hiram Cox was appointed Director-General of Palanquin. Captain Cox seeks to resolve a thousand-year-old conflict between Arakan refugees and local Rakhine people. And made significant progress in the resettlement of refugees but died before the 1799 work was completed. A market was established to commemorate his resettlement contribution and it was named the Cox’s Bazaar. Cox’s Bazar thana was first established in 1854 and the municipality was formed in 1869.

Many companies have been established here, focusing on the rattan industry. Many hotels built by private enterprises, besides the motel built by the Bangladesh Tourism Center, have two five-star hotels close to the beach. Apart from this, the oyster market is set up for tourists. The Burmese Market has been developed with foreign goods coming from countries such as Myanmar (formerly Burma), Thailand, China along the border. In Cox’s Bazar, several tribes or ethnographic populations live, which made the city more diverse. The Chakma community is the chief of these tribes. The Buddhist temple is the holy shrine of Buddhist pilgrims in the city of Cox’s Bazar and in the vicinity of Ramu. The temple in this sea beach contains some rare Buddhist statues. These temples and statues are one of the attractions and tourist attractions for tourists. This is not just a sea beach but a river called Bankkhali. This river is very important for the city’s fisheries industry. Cox’s Bazar is renowned as the healthiest place in Bangladesh.

How to Go Cox’s Bazar:

When you come to visit this wonderful sea beach Cox’s Bazar via Air from any country, first of all, landing on Shahjalal International Airport. Because It is the nearby airport of Cox’s Bazar sea beach. So you can easily visit this beach and also from here you can easily Visit Laubani Koli and Inani points and various points via Autorickshaw.

Besides, you can come from Dhaka to Cox’s Bazar by bus or airlines services:

Bus Services Contact Number
GreenLine 01730-060004
Haniff Enterprise 01713-402671
Shyamoli Transport 01813-329394
Airlines Services Contact Number
Bangladesh Airlines 02890-11600
Novair Airlines 02987-18912
US Bangla Airlines 01777-777788
Regent Airways   0289-53003

Best Time to Visit Cox’s Bazar:

Winter is usually chosen by everyone to make their tour in Cox’s Bazar. But Cox’s Bazaar is one of those places where you can visit any time of the year. From time to time, nature changes, and this form of nature has an effect on Cox’s Bazar. You can also visit this beautiful sea beach for a jolly rain or autumn sky with a blue sky, or on a full moon day in Hemanta, the form of Cox’s Bazaar will surely impress you. And yes, other than winter, but you will get the benefit. Starting from hotel rentals, you will get comparatively lower prices. Mata Muhuri, Bankhakhali, Reju, Kuhelioa and Naf rivers flowed over this district. Cox’s Bazar is one of the best travel destination for tourists, forestry, fisheries, shrimps, snails, oysters, and silica-rich sand.

Best Things to Do in Cox’s Bazar:

Cox’s Bazar is the name for the charming beaches of the blue waters and roaring waves. It is the world’s largest beautiful beach. This report is for those who want to visit the family. Maheshkhali, Kutubdia, Sonadia, mother’s house, Shahpri, St. Martin, Cox’s Bazar have made it more attractive. Mata Muhuri, Bankhakhali, Reju, Kuhelioa and Naf rivers flowed over this district. This beach is made by forestry, fisheries, shrimps, snails, oysters, and silica-rich sand.

Best Places to Visit in Cox’s Bazar:

1. Laboni Point:

Because of its proximity to the city of Cox’s Bazar, Labani Point is considered to be the main beach. There are a number of small shops in the area adjacent to the beach, with a variety of things to offer.

2. Himchori:

18 km from Himachari Cox’s Bazar Located in the south. The fragile hills and fountains are the main attractions here. During the monsoon, the snowflakes seem much more alive and vibrant. Himchari has a resort at the top of a hill from which the view of the sea seems unprofessional. Himchari has a resort at the top of a hill from which the view of the sea seems unprofessional. The main attraction of Himachari is the Christmas tree here. Recently, several tourist centers and picnic spots have been set up in Himchari.

3. Inani Beach:

In addition to the long beaches, Cox’s Bazar has many more spectacular beaches, which are a major attraction for tourists. Among the fascinating areas adjacent to the beach are the Inani beach, which is 35 km south of Cox’s Bazar. Located in an extraordinary beauty, this beach is located only half an hour away from Cox’s Bazar. The place is considered by the tourists to be a great place for a bath for the clean water. Every year number of foreign tourist come here to spend their leaser time in Inani Beach.

4. Teknaf:

Teknaf is an Upazila in Cox’s Bazar district of Bangladesh. It is located in the southeast corner of Bangladesh. The distance from Cox’s Bazar district is 86 km. Naf river flows along the eastern side of the Teknaf Upazila; This region is named after the Naf river. There are many tourist attractions in Teknaf. These include the Teknaf beach, the Ne-Tong or the mountain of the gods, the Mathin wells, the bunkers built by British soldiers during World War 2nd. Teknaf beach water is cleaner than this beach. When traveling to Teknaf Upazila, tourists never make the mistake of visiting Mathin well. Mathin’s well is located in front of the Teknaf police station. In the early part of the twentieth century, a police officer named Dhiraj Bhattacharya of Kolkata shifted to the Teknaf police station. At that time, the daughter of a king of the tribal community of Sekan used to fetch water from the pot well. The newly-formed handsome young officer of the police station, Dhiraj, sat in the police station and watched Mathin bring water. Thus, Mathin’s vision was exchanged with Dhiraj and later he fell in love. Fourteen-year-old Mathin and Dhiraj’s historic love of perfect love is the Mathin well. Dhiraj-Mathin was not married to the tribes of the tribe. Mathin died on a sesame seed in the separation of the love of Samudhur.

It interrupts a history of eternal genuine love. Many more unknown tales can be found in the sight of this untoward love of Mathin. Teknaf also has a thriving Burmese market. Every day, hundreds of tourists make purchases in this market.

5. Ramu:

When visiting Cox’s Bazar you can visit some of the Buddhist monasteries in Ramu. Hills and native elephants can be seen in the last part of Bandarban. Only 20-20 minutes’ walk from Kalatali. Even if you take half an hour, you can come from some extraordinary places. A minibus called Coxline or Ramulline goes directly to Ramu. The army will first go there for the purpose of the MES. Bhimari will eat at the elephant gate built by the army. The gate is shaped by two huge teeth. The funny thing is Bandran on the other side of the road. From here you can see the hills around the green of the last part of Bandarban. And it is a casual occasion to see elephants.

The historic Rangkoot Banashar Buddhist monastery will be on the way back to Ramu for a while. Which was founded around 25 BC. Before entering the main temple, there will be numerous idols on both sides. The body of the Buddha himself is placed on the head of the idol in the main temple of the monastery built by Emperor Ashoka. His statue was erected outside the temple in honor of Emperor Ashoka. Next to it is a nearly 100-year-old botanical tree. Which stands to witness yesterday. The forest is on the other side. Where orphaned children have the opportunity to be educated in modern education at no cost. At the end of the tenure of Banasram Vihar, one can visit Ramu again, from the hilltop of Mithachari to the temple of the lion king’s statue of a hundred feet Buddhist. Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina herself came and inaugurated the temple that was rebuilt on September 3 last year after the communal attack. The beauty of the temple is also different from the sun and the season. The temple can be seen in exchange for 1 Taka visitor. During the British period, the area was known as tea garden because of the tea garden. Get up at the auto and say the tea garden from Ramu will take you down the main road before the temple. There are more than 100 Buddhist monuments in Ramu Upazila, with more than a hundred statues of Gautama Buddha. Besides, there is a famous rubber garden, but there is no such thing as rubber tree. Hopefully for the Cox’s Bazar will return to Ramu soon after dusk. These buses will go to the Burmese Market.

Cox’s Bazar Hotels:

Cox’s Bazar has taken a different place in the hearts of tourists because of its hundreds of hotels. Cox’s main attraction is this beautiful beach trip! Every year a large number of tourists come to the world’s longest beach! Cox’s Bazar has become a hotel city to accommodate this large number of tourist accommodations! Travelers think about safety before traveling. Then there is a comfortable living space and easy communication. These three reasons are why Cox’s Bazaar is the most attractive tourist destination for people!

Comfortable accommodation is essential for the tourist’s rest. Cox’s Bazar has the most comfortable, luxury hotels, motels, resorts, cottages in Bangladesh. In addition, there are also affordable and affordable hotels. As a result, you can feel the satisfaction of traveling to Cox’s Bazar even on a lower budget. Most of the hotels are usually located in Kalatali, Cox’s Bazar. In fact, Cox’s Bazar’s hotels are close to the beach. Although hotel fares are different, committed to maintaining the quality of service. Moreover, Cox’s Bazar hotels announce various discounts and packages. Note that Cox’s Bazar Hotel wraps up the price list during the on-peak and off-peak seasons.

Cox’s Bazar is an authentic tourist destination. This is where most world-class hotels are built. Cox’s Bazar hotels are not far behind in keeping with the world. Cox’s Bazar Hotels are winning the hearts of Poytak by maintaining all the amenities and standards.

This is where you will be able to vacation in hotels like 5 Star and 4 Star 3 Star. What a wonderful thing! Many tourists come from abroad every year. So here you can see many world-class hotels to ensure their highest service. Know the hotel listing at a glance with your choice.

Below given a list of world-class Cox’s Bazar hotels with name, address and phone number.

Hotel’s Name Address Phone Number
Royal Tulip Hotel Jaliya Palang, Inani, Ukhiya, Cox’s Bazar 1, Bangladesh   +8801844-016001
Ocean Paradise Hotel 28-29, Hotel Motel Zone, Kalatali Road, Cox’s Bazar 1, Bangladesh +8801938-846761
Sayeman Beach Resort Marine Drive Road, Kalatali, Cox’s Bazar, 4700 +8809610-777888
Hotel The Cox Today Plot No 7, Kalatali Road, Hotel Motel Zone, 4700 +880341-52410
Best Western Plus Heritage Kalatali Gol Square, Cox’s Bazar, 4700 +8801777-744034
Hotel Sea Alif   Kalatali Road, Cox’s Bazar +880341-51253
Hotel Marine Plaza   Address: Plot – 12, Block-B, Kalatali Main Road, Cox’s Bazar +880341-64146
Prince Haven Hotel Nahar Garden Tourism, Hotel Deep Plaza, Main Road, Teknaf   +8801713-409797
Shapna Bilash Saint Martin Main Road, Coconut Ginjira, Teknaf, Cox’s Bazar   +8801811-801361
Well Park Resort Lighthouse Road, Kalatali, Cox’s Bazar +880341-57035
Hotel Bay Marina Kalatali Road, Cox’s Bazar +8801713-488833
Mascot Holiday Resort Kalatali Road, Cox’s Bazar +8801824-640455

Special Hotel Packages:

At the Asian Tourism Fair, five-star hotel ‘Hotel Cox Today‘ offers a 5% discount on renting their rooms. At the same time, they have come with three special packages. You can come to Cox’s Bazar on the world’s largest beach with this Hotel Cox Today’s special offer.

  • Winter Special Package: Winter Special Package Price Rs. There is a stay in Cox Deluxe Room for two nights for three nights. Welcome drinks, breakfast, buffet breakfast 2 days. A barbecue dinner for two. The swimming pool is one hour of daily use. Fruit filling baskets. At 4.00 pm there is an hour of coffee. In addition, if a family takes a child below five years, he will not have to pay any money to stay.
  • Honeymoon Package: The honeymoon package is priced at 14999Tk. There is a stay in Cox deluxe room for two nights for three nights. On the other hand, the ‘Winter’ package is priced at14999. Each offer has to be brought from the airport to the hotel and delivered. Himchori will be rotated as a City Tour.

Other amenities at the five-star hotel include 24-hour front desk, coffee service, open-air bar, swimming pool, spa, steam bath, gift shop, lobby open for snack and limu sign service. There is a 50 percent discount on the gym under the package. Apart from this, there are 10 to 20 percent discounts on other services.

Famous Restaurants:

There are basically several types of eating. Basic food, lunch, dinner, candlelight dinner, roast-top dinner, BBQ, seafood, etc. From the other side Bengali food, Thai / Chinese, etc. Going to Cox’s Bazaar to try fish items is wise because in Dhaka we eat cows or chicken items at home/restaurant. However, eating seafood at Cox’s Bazaar is another experience.

There are many restaurants in Cox’s Bazar. The name of the nutrient comes first in the budget restaurant. There are several restaurants like this, the quality of the food is fairly similar. For example, Rodella, Niribili, Kitchen, Paddy, etc. Prices are also near low and high. Lunch – Dinner, Sea Food, BBQ, Rooftop, Buffet, Biriyani All items are listed below.

For Breakfast:

  • Nirbila Restaurant
    Location: Any rickshaw/auto will be taken if told.
    Famous Food: Beef pies
    Bengali Food: For lunch & dinner
    Special Food: Bharata Platter, Leitta Fry, Beef Kala Roas, Pudding, Custard, Faluda.
  • Rannaghar
    Location: Seaman Road, Baharchara.
    Special Food: Bangla Food with Bharata Platter.
  • Kutumbari
    Location: Kolatali.
    Special Food: Bangla Food with Bharata Platter.
  • Western Plaza
    Location: Hotel C Palace Special
    Foods: Litta Fry / Bhuna, Mutton Roast.

Biriyani Food:

  • Handy restaurant
    Location: Labney Point Beach Road.
    Special Food: Hyderabad Biryani.
  • Kayala Restaurant
    Location: At the Seagull Hotel.
    Special food: Acharya chicken item.

Buffet Lunch/Dinner:

  • Hotel Coxtwoode Restaurant
    Location: At C-in Point Road.
    Special Food: CoxTude is the best in any buffet.

Sun-Set Cafe:

  • Mermaid Cafe
    Location: Marine Drive Road.
    Special Foods: Organic Rice.
  • Sea Lamp Beach Cafe
    Location: Kalatali Road
    Special Food: Fish barbecue, candlelight dinner.

Seafood Restaurant:

  • Prasad Paradise Restaurant
    Location: CIN Points
    Special Foods: Coral, Pomfret, Red Snapper BBQ, Buy Fish BBQ.
  • Live fish restaurant
    Location: Next to the Shaibal Hotel.
    Special Food: Fish Barbecue.

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